Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Its Roommate Season!

go here on Craigslist. To see my ad. That is also the link to forward to anyone you know who is looking for a roommate in Chicago.

For those who don't feel like clicking, here's the text below:

2BR 1Bath, original built in cabinets (with mirrors and glass door cabinets), front balcony, easy parking, amazingly beautiful hardwood floors, bay window, plenty of storage space, close to the Red Line. Available, officially, for June 1, 2006-April 30, 2007 move-in possible starting mid-May.

My roommate is moving in with her boyfriend, so I need a new roommate--there is no way I want to leave this apartment. It is so great to live here that my current roommate is just moving to the upstairs apartment. I am an easy-going 24yo female, and have been living in Chicago for more than a year now. I like to knit, read, spin yarn, listen to Chicago Public Radio, go to the Foster Avenue Beach in the summer (its just so convenient!), and travel.

I hope that you are someone nice who has lived with other people before, pay the rent and utilities on-time and want a friend, not just someone who happens to also live in the apartment.

There is lots more that I would like to tell you about this awesome apartment, so you should send me an email if you are interested. Tell me a little bit about yourself and we'll set up a time to meet and show you the apartment.

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jen said...

i wish i had a steady job! i'd take that offer up. cause it sounds like a nice place AND i could learn how to use my spindle