Friday, March 31, 2006

But it makes such fun fire!

Iran Says It Won't Use Oil As a Weapon: "Iran Says It Won't Use Oil As a Weapon"

Now, I went to read the article and was disappointed but not surprised that they were talking about an *economic* weapon. But my first thought was something more along the lines of promising not to make oil balls and throwing them into the campfire. I have no idea exactly how it would work, but somehow I was imagining a cross between a Pre-Hispanic ball game I saw in Mexico and paintball. The ball game had 3 players per team, a goalie +2 and they had field hockey sticks. The ball was actually a flaming coconut that was rolled down the sloped side wall of the ball game arena, and when it broke apart or stopped being firey, a new one was put into play.

Now put that into a slightly larger scale, coconut sized balls of oil/fire being blasted out of some sort of big gun thing. And promising not to do that (which seems like an inherently bad idea) makes me laugh.

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