Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RavelRaiser '08

I can haz Fiddlehead
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Let's all do our part to get the beloved Ravelry out of debt... all our fun has been financed by Jess & Casey up until now, so lets do our part and get Rav Back in the Black!

If you are on ravlery, check out this thread to see all the wonderful prizes and use the magical RavelRaiser '08 donation button. $10 lousy bucks will get you in the drawing, and if you're lucky, I'll win the Fiddlehead Mitten Kit. Or maybe that's if I'm lucky. Well, either way, I ♥ Ravelry.

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Anna said...

Hi! I sent you a msg on Ravelry about your Cotton-Ease. I don't know how often you check it but I'd love to buy a good amount of it from you!

All best,