Saturday, March 1, 2008

We are the Ones

I am becoming more of an Obama girl every time I hear him speak, and this video seems like a good one to pass on. Yay for Adrienne Palicki being in it.


sarah lou said...

yay! i can't stop watching. i wish there was some way to put both songs and vids on my ipod, but they're not available at itunes. :\

Katy said...

Can you download them and then import to itunes from your hard drive? I really have no idea.

Your comment made me come back and watch it again. oooo... the chills.

And you get to vote in an election that matters on Tuesday! Have fun voting!

Sarah Louise said...

yes, but didn't he totally scoop Bob the Builder on the whole "Yes we can" thing?

I'm inspired but still torn. But I think we're going in a good direction.