Saturday, January 19, 2008

Open Letters

I haven't posted since Christmas, apparently. But we're ignoring that here at the Inconsistent Mixer and just moving on.

Dear People Behind Me In Line at Jewel Yesterday,

I realize that we were in the Express Line. I had only 4 items, and it is not my fault that the store-brand deep dish plastic containers did not scan. Nor that the person called to find the price was unable to locate the ENTIRE DISPLAY of Glad-Ware, ZipLoc Boxes and the Store Brand stuff, right next to the plastic bags. I realize that we all waited what seemed like an eternity for the price and then I just abandoned them and went on my way with butter and eggs and peanut butter cookie mix. Thank you for not yelling and screaming and freaking out. That is why I like going to the fancy-pants suburban-style grocery store that is still in the city. Thanks again for your patience. I hope that the rest of your weekend was better than that line.

the girl who held up the line for a really long time


Dear Price Finder who FAILED,

You suck. I don't know how you missed the huge display of plastic boxes with lids.

You're Fired,
The girl who held up the line for a really long time and still doesn't have boxes the right size for the ice cream made by the ice cream maker


Dear Lorna's Laces,

Why do you have to have such nice new yarn in your Green Line? And with lovely semi-solid colors at that. I was totally ready to not pay for my WCKG membership this year, skip the studio tour/mill-ends sale and save myself from buying yarn that I didn't need. But now, you come out with such beautiful new yarn that will probably have mill-ends and screw ups from the figuring-it-out process, and I want it. Also, I am excited to hear about the new line's dying process, which will surely change up the tour. Darn you.

The WoolPig


Dear Babies,

Please be more exciting next week. I promise not to be so grumpy.

Your Nanny


Sarah Louise said...

I love the last one!!!

Stefanie said...

Wat een heerlijke M line matrassen