Monday, October 8, 2007

I still think that they are cute

I started a new, full-time job today. I am now a nanny for a pair of fraternal, boy-girl infant twins. They are cute and keep me busy and even in my first day, with both parents still around, I have learned a lot. Oh, and I didn't break the baby and plan to stick with it, so I think that the first nine hours were pretty darn successful.

A list of ten things about today:
  1. Babies smell very similar to the way cheese does when you are making it.
  2. Cloth diapers (with a service) are easy and nice when you have the little plastic-elastic-velcro wrappers for them. With twins the service is even less expensive than disposable. And where are you supposed to put all those used, disposable diapers?
  3. Apparently, baby formula can be any temperature between (but excluding) so-cold-the-baby-rejects-it and hotter-than-human-body-temperature. There is no particular scientific reason for a warm bottle.
  4. It only takes one mistake to reinforce the need to put the lid on the bottle before you shake it up.
  5. You'd have to be a masochistic idiot to wake a sleeping baby.
  6. The baby carrier will be saving my arms.
  7. Its way too hot for October.
  8. Baby bottles have come a long way in the last 15 years.
  9. It's hard to wait the full five minutes to see if a soothing method will work.
  10. The bird swing is magic. Its creepy how well it works, but definitely magic.
I also got into reading my newest issue of The Economist and got some knitting done on a swatch/potholder. I'll definitely be back tomorrow!


Sarah Louise said...

Well, the title says it all. Glad you are employed.

NO LIE, my vw is bosumcs.

Peg said...

Congratulations and enjoy. They're lucky to have you.

izatchu said...

Congrats on new and fulfilling employment adventures!

mykgerard said...

good to know.. good to know.. ;)