Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clean Design, Meta Search

I just found this site through an ad next to an email exchange on my gmail account, and well, I really do like it. It is Kayak.com and it searches all the travel sites. My favorite part though is how you can tweak the results on the side panel, so that it will just show you, say, the flights that are in the price range that you are actually interested in, or if you want to try adding one of the other airports nearby.

Another nice thing is that it shows you the price on Orbitz and on the airline's direct website, so that you can once and for all know that its a better deal to go direct. I think that I will be using Kayak instead of Orbitz from now on. It satisfies my inner geek more.


David said...

ok, but what about the spreadsheet?

Sarah Louise said...

and as we all know, the inner geek is important to keep happy...I can't write apparently.