Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And I'm only going across the hall

My roommate is/has moved in with her boyfriend now, officially. They live in the apartment above me, and my new roommate will start bringing stuff over tomorrow night, after work. I am just moving into Anne's old room, because it is a bit bigger, has a west (aka morning) facing window and a better door-closet-radiator arrangement. Here are some ellipses:

My apartment is freakishly empty in large swaths... its gross to use a cobweb duster for the first time in an apartment with lots of mouldings... why don't the built-in drawers have any drawer glide hardware??? I definitely didn't take up a full half of this apartment, do you think that will change?... why do they individually wrap the silverware that I got at Target??? that bin wasn't full of kitchen stuff, I wonder where my pots and pans are... Healthy Choice meals are inferior to Lean Cuisine, even if HC comes with desserts... I'm pretty sure that I don't want these votive holders, but we'll see... I had no idea my living room was so, well, spacious... how do you attach things (like a bookcase from IKEA) to 100yo plaster walls?... maybe I should have packed my room, I don't know where to start... there sure are a lot of dust bunnies... why is the outlet in the closet?... I need a filing system, and "piles all over the place" don't count... where is that towel rack??? sounds like I need to explore the storage space... does Joanne have a step ladder??? I haven't knit in a few days, maybe that would take the edge off... the inferiority of the shower curtain rings I bought is shocking... the fridge is not self-filling, bummer

I've gotten really used to my roommate having the television on pretty much all the time. Its weird to be alone down here, totally by myself, which is reinforced by the lack of television. The internet still works, since the router just moved upstairs. Do they have wireless routers that amplify an existing wifi signal? It seems like they should. I'd buy one. The silence is deafening and the solitude is crushing, I think that I'll listen to my mother and go to bed.

Keep Smiling! =)


Anonymous said...

One Skein Pal -- watch the post for something later this week.

David said...

That looks like one of my posts...

There's a TV in a garage in Highland Park you can have for a nominal fee and a you pick it up.